Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an individual’s grave online?
We suggest the site, where we will maintain burial data for Mount Union Historic Cemetery.

What services are provided by the Mount Union Cemetery?
The cemetery provides the grave site, the space for a traditional casket burial or for the burial of cremated remains in a crush-proof urn. The space(s) may be purchased directly from the Cemetery Association by the consumer or a family member by contacting the Cemetery Association representative. The Cemetery Association representative will meet you at the cemetery so that you will be able to see the location of available spaces and pick out the space(s) of your choice.

What are the five components of a traditional in-ground burial?
1 – Casket: Contains the deceased.
2 – Gravesite: The burial space or burial plot.
3 – Memorial (headstone): A tribute installed at the grave site to honor and celebrate a life worth remembering. All new grave markers installed in the south section of Mount Union Cemetery must be flush with the ground.  An upright monument may be installed in the old sections of the cemetery, with permission from the cemetery representative.
4 – Vault: a concrete enclosure that serves as the casket’s protective lining.
5 – Opening and Closing: Preparation of the grave site for burial service that consists of ground opening, placing the vault and the casket, and closing (back-filling) to restore the grave site’s appearance.

Generally, the funeral provider will arrange for all of these services except #2. Mount Union Cemetery would prefer to deal directly with the consumer regarding their selection of a grave site.

How can I make the cemetery better?
Mount Union Cemetery is managed by a 5-person all-volunteer Board of Trustees. The trustee positions rotate so that one or two positions become vacant each November. Any person who owns a burial space in the cemetery may be elected to a trustee position. The time commitment is minimal – please consider becoming a trustee.

Mount Union Cemetery has no paid employees. All mowing and routine maintenance at the cemetery is performed by volunteers, and your help is welcome! Most major improvements must be made by professional contractors, so we welcome your monetary donations for larger projects and improvements. Mount Union Cemetery is a 501(C)(13) non-profit corporation qualified to accept tax-deductible donations.