Burial Plots

Burial Plots

Old Section

The Old Section of the cemetery is divided into the northwest (NW) section, the northeast (NE) section, the southwest (SW) section, and the southeast (SE) section. The entire south end of the cemetery is called the South section, and is described later.

In the old section of the cemetery, each large “lot” contains twelve 10 ft X 4.5 ft burial spaces, and the small lots contain four 10X4′ spaces. For example, in the very top left of the diagram, you see box “12.” There are 12 grave sites in that lot, and 12 more beside it in box 11, and 12 more in every other large box. The small box below box 12, labeled “196” contains four grave spaces. There are still a few spaces available in the old sections of the cemetery.

South Section

Most lots in the South section contain twenty burial spaces which are 10 ft. X 4 ft. Headstones must be flush to the ground, as no monuments or mementos are allowed above ground-level in this section. There are still many lovely areas where multiple lots are available side by side (for family plots) in this section of the cemetery.

There are also 1/2 size spaces (4’X5′) available for the burial of cremains (urns). As many as 2 urns may be buried in each of these half-spaces. Each burial must have or share a headstone. See Cemetery Rules for details.